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Established in 2014.

George and Augie is a small furniture store that carries reclaimed and antique furniture, home décor items and various accessories. 

Owners, Greg & Elizabeth, are avid travelers but after spending almost a year and a half on the road, they decided to settle back in Chicago to pursue another ambition: owning a small business. 

The decision to sell items from their travels was a natural fit. They became business partners and started George & Augie in 2014. The products they bring back are pieces they are passionate about. They look for items that have character and personality in addition to quality. Each item has been hand selected and inspected by them before being considered for shipment. 

Greg & Elizabeth hope that their enthusiasm and commitment to quality is obvious to their customers and look forward to sharing more of their finds in the future. These are exciting times at George & Augie and they cannot wait to see how the company will grow in the upcoming months and years.


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