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Caring For Reclaimed Wood

All items need a little TLC over time. The furniture pieces at George & Augie are not typically finished with varnishes or stains which means that in order to preserve the life of your wood furniture, a little care may be needed. The artisans in India wash our pieces and then coat them in bee’s wax. Greg was there in March and was luckyenough to see the treatment process. A lot of effort is put into the care and maintenance of the wood.

Once the furniture and home décor items are in our store, we also try to keep the chemicals to a minimum. Although the artisans in India clean and look over the furniture before shipment, we always inspect the furniture once it arrives. It takes 2 months for the pieces to be pulled from inventory, cleaned, packaged and shipped to the US. Things get dirty and sometimes need a little fix.
For a quick clean we use Murphy’s Oil or Orange Glow. When we feel that a piece of furniture needs a little more than a wipe down we use Howard Feed—N--Wax. Howard’s is a wood polish and conditioner that is made from a blend of beeswax, carnauba wax and orange oil. Beeswax by itself is too soft so the carnauba wax is added to create a more substantial product. It is also responsible for the shine associated with the wax. This wax is not going to completely seal your furniture. It will give it a polished look and hydrate the wood. Over time, depending on what your preferences are, you will need to reapply the wax.




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