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Where did our name come from and what do we do?

Who are George & Augie and what do we do? The business is owned and operated by my husband, Greg & myself, Elizabeth. George & Augie were two of the sweetest, most loving dogs a girl could ask for. They meant so much to me and my family that when Greg & I started this store, we thought of their names and instantly knew they would be a great fit.

George and Augie at Home

What we do? We import reclaimed and antique furniture, home decor & accessories from the western region of India and Bangkok, Thailand.

It wasn’t until we came across India and it’s plentiful accessibility to reclaimed lumber that we decided to bring back the furniture and home decor items we loved and would want in our own home. While traveling in Rajasthan, we came across a supplier that has over 20 acres of warehouse and factory space all dedicated to reclaimed furniture, restored antique pieces, and repurposed architectural pieces that came from demolished and vacated buildings. We took a leap of faith and packed up a 20 foot container and shipped if off to Chicago.

The accessories we found in Bangkok have been a great addition to the store. The majority of our Thai items are handmade by local people. This is what is important to us. We aren’t interested in buying from large factories, but would rather spend the time and effort sourcing from local companies who hire local workers.

The dream to start our own business has always been there, it just wasn’t a possibility until we decided to go different ways with our careers. It wasn’t until a month on the road in Indonesia, that we fully committed to starting our own business. We wanted to bring back unique pieces we found while in India and Thailand to Chicago.

Our first love is and always will be traveling. Meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and bringing back memories is what got us out to explore. Being able to bring back items that highlight our travels and offer people something different than the big box stores is a challenge we have accepted and we absolutely look forward to the hunt.

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